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Our Difference

At TopWraps, we are dedicated to following a highly organized process in which your input as the client is highly valued. We want to make sure that your dream vehicle wrap becomes a reality.

From Start To Finish

An initial meeting is used to gather information about the project such as target market, main objective, time span, and current marketing campaigns. Another meeting is scheduled to gather graphics and any other existing marketing material that can be used in developing the design of the wrap.

Once all the requirements are collected, the mockup development stage begins. In this stage we come up with concepts of the actual wrap and map out the design onto the client's vehicle type. In this way, our clients can see exactly how the wrap will look once it is produced.

Our clients receive access to our clients-only section of our site, allowing them to view the development of their wrap and communicate with the TopWraps team directly. Using this platform, we are able to receive revisions and perform modifications to the mockup designs, ensuring that the client's vision for the wrap is satisfied. Once the mockup is finalized, we create the final design of the wrap and begin production.

To install the wrap we need the client's vehicle for one or two days depending on the size of the wrap, so an installation appointment is scheduled. During installation the magic of activating the adhesives and properly positioning the graphics takes place.

Advertise Everywhere You Go

Once your wrap is installed on your vehicle, you will start to generate impressions from driving around, parking, or even waiting in traffic.

Experience You Can Trust

The process of making vehicle wraps involves many aspects: concept generation, development and feedback on the design work, printing specific details, careful and meticulous installation, as well as excellent customer service. We take pride in the way we do business. We make sure your investment is handled by professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your wrap looks amazing and achieves your goals. We are constantly monitoring changes in the industry, allowing us to provide you with the latest innovations in outdoor mobile advertising. It is our priority to deliver all of our projects to you in a timely manner, on budget, and according to the agreed upon requirements. We will ensure that you receive an effective and professional form of advertising that you are fully satisfied with.