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Types of Wraps

At TopWraps, we understand that every client has different needs; let us help you choose a vehicle wrap style that best suits yours.

Full Wraps

Generate maximum impact with tremendous results. With a Full TopWrap, your vehicle will demand attention in any situation. It doesn't matter what angle it is viewed from, the public eye will always be drawn to it.

Red, blue, gold, pink... it doesn't matter what color your vehicle is to start, TopWraps has you completely covered! One of the great features of a Full TopWrap is that the design takes on a whole new look by incorporating the body style of the chosen vehicle. Even one design, when applied to several different vehicles, produces several different impressions because of the unique 3D canvas it is displayed upon.

When you want to make a lasting impression, there is no substitute for a Full TopWrap!

Partial Wraps

This approach combines the traditional cut-vinyl application with the impressive photographic capabilities of the digital world. With premium design, this powerful combination delivers eye-popping results every time. This option is ideal for companies with set budget considerations and is also a fantastic cost effective solution for that extra visual punch in fleet advertising.

With a Partial TopWrap, you maximize impressions with minimal investment. We take a close look into all aspects of your unique vehicle canvas. Vehicle colour, size, shape, and overall unique body type are just a few of the considerations we take in designing each client's custom vehicle "billboard".